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> WARNING toliman is radioactive. Wear protective clothing… - Introspective to toliman
toliman is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


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today's new noteworthy news: not much. slept in. like every other day.

1x Samsung 172x 17" LCD, which is staggeringly sweet and, apart from the half-dead pixel on the first one i bought, a red pixel on a black screen which wouldnt turn off, the replacement is fine. MSY is a great place, if a little busy and filled with people that nearly stretch out the door. a good little store that everyone in australia knows about through word of mouth, like gamedude in queensland, cheap and selective about their products. i guess for techs, cheap = good. most of the stuff is imported from singapore anyway, so the price is about the only difference between retailers, service is nonexistent for self-contained hardware so price is the only real variable to consider, and MSY pretty much nails it close to the warehouse pricing.

there's a slight little ghosting effect, but it's not distracting and otherwise, its good for DVD's, (i got a copy of bubba ho-tep and paycheck DVD from the net, i'll watch it later. i still havent watched Van Helsing, after reading "VH in 15 mins" LJ post,.. i may not want to. i DID watch troy in the cinema, i felt a little wierd after watching briseis stab agamemnon, and then watching brad pitt/achilles hit in the heel, it was a little ... forced, like the whole famewhore/hero angle., it might have been the litre of caffiene in my blood, but it was good despite the inaccuracy)
I bought some more RAM and split it 50/50 between my desktop and my linux "devbox" which is a shuttle sn45g @ 2ghz which is loading all the neat features of gentoo linux, including NPTL threading and X.org's new X11 server. and possibly UT2004 and WineX. once i get X.org running with nvidia's drivers, that is. it's troublesome, but ultimately worth it.

1x Soly Clie TH-55 ( a Palm PDA) , which i adore but i feel that it's a little small. i still don't feel organised, but at least it fits in my pocket.

im thinking of ordering a brushed aluminum case and stylus from brando, a HK retailer of these things, since the stylus is about an inch long, and the risk of losing it, is a good enough reason to buy both items. along with the crushing cramping feeling in my hand after reading the NY Times science column with the old stylus, while travelling from ringwood to caulfield rail station, (1hr 20 mins), the pain was not good. i took a whole bunch of crappy photos that i kinda like, and the 256mb memory stick even has a copy of Monkey Island 2 and Day of the Tentacle, which run... slowly. 2 days in, ive loaded about 130mb ont it, roughly 10mb of web articles using mobilepocket reader, and i've been scouring the net for good software, all ive found is bejewelled. which is a godsend. 175k points is my record, but i try to avoid playing it. i also have solitaire, but i dont think its the best choice of organisational software. i'll keep looking for good palm software.

speaking of internet challenges, i even bought software, a real first for this year. the program: newsleecher, a beta app that i wont really even use, but it is useful. i should feel bad or good about it, but i have a nagging feeling of regret that won't leave for a while... it could be something, anything else, but of all the software ive usurped from vendors, this one is possibly the most ambivalent purchase ive made this month. even more ambivalent than the $30 i send to oxfam each month.
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