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politicking - Introspective to toliman
man, if i have to relate to another peon about my stance on australian politics ... ehh.

the election, is so distasteful ... aargh.
you have a choice between howard, costello (cause you know howard's going to leave his HoR seat by choice or by election forces), and latham. now, it is a poor choice, granted. but its so bad, they have somehow launched into the political debate with trust as the paradoxical issue at the start of the real campaigning.


oh my lord ... it's so catastrophic to even mention that word in a political arena. if you even create doubt about trust and power, you're basically poisoning the ground and burning the bridges around you while looking smug. which is where they both are, standing right next to each other on an island while everyone just looks on as the smoke and ash falls in around them. so doomed. but this is media-politics, they can just wash the damage away and bring up some sort of contrived issue a week later to 'bust-up' the party/leadership of the other. so false and contrived, they really got the wrong message from the US political elective sagas. if they can prop up someone like schwarzenegger who has no experience except for the family and friends of a candidate, it just indicates that a 'dark horse' can just jump into the australian electorate and win with no competition.

the longer i think about the "dark horse" idea, it is such a euphemism, one that works though. the devil could come in and win at this stage, as long as he's honest about it. and nobody would be particularly worried. at the least, you know his goals are worthy and his motives are clear, all with the apocalyptic sentiments and death and damnation to all. there might be a little bit of confusion and objection later on as the burning bodies start to accrue, but we've never honestly let that detract from a political leader before.

it's a pretty successful campaign strategy too - party priorities like war, pestilence, disease, death and destruction. though, its touch and go. you have to realise and figure his stance on the scoresby freeway, education, freeways and refugees, levys vs taxes, retirement and social welfare, economics, his military stance on issues like international relations, pre-emptive wars and defending against international forces of terror. and others like UN relations, same-sex marriages, well maybe we do have his stance on a few issues already. his answers would be pretty much clear and honest, and it is better the devil you know.. its only slightly depressing to me that the devil would make a better political leader than the ones we're stuck between, both in australia, america and overseas.

besides, i gave it a little thought on friday. the only way to get major societal changes in place within the limited 3 year profile of a prime minister is,  to somewhere within 2 years, when everyone is reticent about declaring your election a fraud ... when the swing upward of patriotic fervour is, have an incident trigger some kind of public sympathetic backlash, which is then halted by some kind of "terror" campaign.
in the aftermath of the gruesome and bloody retaliation that inevitably follows, akwardly declare martial law just to make the intended governmental changes violently. however, it requires finesse. one way to go, is then just vote yourself out, keep the military in standby, or casually decide to visit another country. while the 'fearless leader' is out of town, the revolution starts. the blacked-out media is "culled", as well as the party/leadership of your own party is remodelled to suit and remake the government with the origial leader at it's head. but that, would never happen. in a week. maybe a month ...  it might take a little longer.

besides, martial law is so convenient for a rebellion, on both sides of the political arena. that you could imagine any kind of diabolical evil, and the climate surrounding the event would allow it. worse still, the chances of civil unrest to disrupt the process can be removed if you motivate and recruit the players in the greater party to be condemned as traitors in the pre-violent phase, and leave the opposing political party to just complain about it. obviously, its a fairly brutal way to make friends and belittle people, but as a dictator, you really have to pull all the people to your way of thinking, even in a pseudo-democratic nation, just to make things smooth before the restructuring. besides, it would be really hard to make changes after the  revolution(s), and get away with it. lots of accidents and private plane crashes, too many to be statistically imperious.

abjectly speaking, the devil is a convenient concept. which makes him a purely rhetorical and axiomatic device for creating arguments like this one. if there was one (el diablo, satan, lucifer, andrew denton, anyone from the dark side of http://www.amiannoyingornot.com/ranking.aspx ), he'd be putting forth a very convincing candidate right about now, but alas, not. maybe he's just working his way up the chain. come to think of it, maybe costello really does have the right stuff. that economics background..

my vote ? im not sure. on the 6th of october, the only certainty is, that i'll be drinking a lot that evening.
hopefully i'll have moved into my fairlight apartment, found a roommate, a new job, and a comfortable place to seat a futon bed.

maybe i'll vote democrats again, because that just does nothing at all in the greater scheme of things, other than to shift my vote tactically and tacitly to another party of nil consequence in the greater election. at some point in the future, i will be in a country, where i can feel proud to have chosen someone remotely capable of performing in the job. right now, i feel like scorching anything related to the whole process until a candidate can prove their allegiance to something greater than their own selfish aims and proclamations. its rather supercilious and pathetic right now.

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