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Introspective to toliman
the890 is112 some62
and610 or104 up61
to449 she102 it's59
a421 with102 had58
of397 my97 not57
i269 be90 out54
in260 at90 by52
his247 as89 an51
it223 but81 felt50
he213 from79 just50
her167 him78 back48
that151 like75 me47
on149 this72 now46
was140 into68 about45
for123 have68 something43
you113 all64 are42
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mmm, nothing much happening. my eyeballs are shrinking as the daylight recedes, so i'll type this up before it gets any darker here.

stumbled onto more crap on the internet after spending time encoding old tv shows onto DVD-R's.

as you do ... (next week, i'm going to figure out how to put subtitles and video menus on these dvd's)

eventually i have to start paying for my MCSA course, i need to get back in the game and this way, i'll be 1/2 way settled into the exams.

right now, i'm playing with the new mozilla firefox, which is utterly fantabulous. incrediby faster, loads up 50 pages a minute ... literally, and when it all goes to hell, crashes are faster too.
I partially regret spending 20 minutes reworking all my bookmarks, and losing all of them in a 2-hour power failure, but i still like the browser. i totally regret losing 20 hours woth of video encoding work because of that power outage though. anyway, it's replaced IE6 pretty much instantly on my PC's. good job mozilla guys, thanks. phoenix/firefox has improved a lot in the year since i looked at it.

today's the 28th march, and in 1 month i'll be 25 years old. for interest, here's my natal chart. if it's suggesting i have the tendencies of a well-educated sea-going pirate, then it's probably way off course... i'm the other kind of pirate. everything seems to be precise though, or too generic to be invalidated. so much for fortune.

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You are David Hume.  You are the most famous empirical skeptic who has ever lived.  You single-handedly extended the doctrine of complete doubt to almost completely destroy philosophy.  Employi
You are David Hume. You single-handedly made
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famous empirical skeptic who has ever existed.
You believed that all ideas were merely copies
of sensations, and with this simple principle
you almost destroyed all of philosophy, not to
mention religion, ethics, and the basis of
natural science. While you give us no
assurances that we are justified in any of our
most treasured beliefs, you never let these
pain-in-the-ass views stop you from enjoying a
beer and a good game of billiards at the end of
the day.

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i succumbed to the pressure, i'm now ... LJMatch Compatible.


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what's that old phrase .... ahh yeah, i remember.

< echelon >
it will be a time fraught with danger for the western world, if i cannot secure the release of my comrade's black sock from the dryer.
< /echelon >

that's all folks. say hi, if you find me on orkut. all i know is, ive had fun the last few days trying to find real friends online, who i havent spoken to in a long while, there's probably 500 ppl who know im alive, and only 20 i can find on this network.

what makes things interesting, is that most all 500 are tech-savvy to some extent. it is partially worrying that i get more invitations from viagra merchants than people wanting to 'friend' me via orkut, for the sole purpose of self-postulation and social recognition. i'm sure that feeling of adulation that 5 people now know i'm alive, will pass. and i'll just find orkut another opportunity for specialised scouring teams of robots to send me customised attention-seeking ads, based on my supposed love of photoshopped images of fornicating marsupials as seen on fark.com.

i give it 6 months before the conspiracy turns to ashen dreams, the vanguard of tasteless orkut marketing attempts has yet to appear. except, in the guise of political subterfuge and gathering willpower(s) on the "great social network construct" that is orkut.

and not the other, faded attempts at the "great social network" of our time like everything else that attracts real people together, like personals sites and MSN/ICQ/AIM/Jabber.

apparently presidential elect clark has his persona online (monitored by campaign staff) , along with a few celebrities who actually use a computer for more than writing their auto-biography and surfing for porn. somewhere out there, a sociology postgrad is foaming at the mouth, along with 140 polit-centric bolshevik journalists, writing and scathing furiously for the next progression of pseudo-online events in the seedy underbelly of online social gatherings. it practically writes itself, this stuff.

but, it's late and i have to author a DVD for my uncle, who's kids havent seen school of rock. plus it's really quite cold in here ...

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative

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oh yeah, i can't remember if i told anyone, but i bought Red vs Blue on DVD last month.

the halo-inspired military comedy continues. if i ever get the impetus (or the income) again, i'll sign up (pay up) for season 2's wacky hijinks.

because i'm a soothsayer for online fads, all we positively need now is a MMORPG parody tied onto the Red Vs Blue antics,
but, i don't forsee the comedy happening unless you have some very good voice actors, and some genuine non-genre comedy.

ideas for this include ...

e.g. don't poke the bear, snake, guardian of a realm of pain, obligatory painful death ensues. (a homage to pvp.com)
losing one's clothes by "accident" . two people losing their clothes. obvious gay reference ensues.
bad singing by self-appointed minstrels.
medics who turn up to the wrong area, or too late after a massacre. or just get killed first by strange accidental death. (the kenny factor)
couples who dress together online / girlfriends in real life who play with their boyfriends. side by side. (complete with in-jokes, inappropriate 20 minute idles during events, strange one-sided dialogue)
having at least three neutral observers who look alike. who are either game admins, self-important sycophants or gamespy reporters. or a combination of all three. neither can remember who the other is, all they say is "uhuh" "looks painful". "maybe later".
meme of the day. e.g. ayb, wassarp, badger badger badger, rathergood.com, fark, stile, virus, celebrity, celebrity virus of the day, etc. someone getting the meme hopelessly wrong in intent and/or spelling.
people in the wrong game, who refuse to change tactics, weapons, or language. or 3d caricatures.
koreans. north or south.

re-enacting the abbot & costello's who's on first joke. by accident.
re-enacting the opening scene of friends, in a courtyard with a fountain. and a sofa.
re-enacting scenes from another videogame. or movie.
re-enacting baywatch with a troll jogging along the beach. with some large red weapon or beach preserver in hand.
storming a beach. replete with dead bodies and machine gun fire, magical flares, explosions or just people feigning death everywhere in the camera's PoV.
an online wedding. with kilts. and the aftermath of debaucherous bachelor parties.
re-enacting scenes from red dwarf. for no particular reason.
two people sitting on an island, waiting for an enemy that was removed from the game 3 months ago. neither leaving the game, just in case it appears.
a couple stuck on an island. "twinks" stuck on the island next to them because they think it's leet.
digging for gold / easter egg hunt. that turns out badly for everyone, except the guy who is meant to have spread out the items earlier.
people online, watching players online, watching people on computers. waiting for results.
cops who appear and disappear instantaneously. after the resulting incident

an ancient powerful evil. that nobody can understand because they speak in a wierd dialect. or wears pink bunny slippers.
a funny, engaging enemy that for unknown reason, fails at anything even remotely evil.
james bond / president of the US/ dave grohl showing up. complete with rendered appearance. nobody giving it a 2nd look.
online wedding ot J Lo and Ben affleck. nobody attends. obligatory crickets and nature sounds as the minister ditches after 20 seconds.
camping. with tents. (obligatory bash.org camping reference with the condom)
someone forgetting a real life situation. like picking up kids from school.
kids. the kind that are profane, intelligent, and debaucherous. and wise beyond all comprehension. the same kids who are running an underground resistance.
the garrulous guy who GNO's everyone. wears a flak vest which reads FBI on the back and says hello to everyone. and see's nothing.

"selling the movie rights", antics and episodic relief. rehazing old comedy.
casual fridays. where everyone wears their own .jpg clothes. that don't feature pixelart goatse.
petitions for permanent styled and ornate fuschia weaponry to match the ensembles. resulting denials of homosexuality.
people reading novels ingame, of novels they own in real life. while drinking coffee in an ingame cafe.
secret societies that everyone seems to be a member of. they have public meetings. and t-shirts ingame, sold by hot-topic.
hot-topic.com selling memorabilia and merchandise of ingame personalities and events. ingame.
in-game ebay/marketplace sniping. with real snipers.

all you need is a 3D rendering engine on a PC, some well-polished scripts, and people who don't mind being famous. online.

perhaps a few scathing insults to engender rabid responses from fanatical people and a forum to record the stupidity.
anybody sick of "pedophiles and the clergy" stereotypical stigma ? france bashing ? indians pretending to be everyone else ? anime fans being called pedophiles ? celebrity's killing other celebrities ? no? i didnt think so.
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i can't even remember why i signed up to an LJ so many years ago.

the befriending thing is more of a mystery than before, though it now encompassses so many interests and topics. The other mystery of LJ's is communities of "how X are you", that are not so much communities, as contests and validation of popularity. its some kind of strange orwellian desire to see how popular you are, in a sea of popularity. you can simply coast on other people's vibes and distracting commentary on life. i enjoy it for what it is, voyeurism. but when you know the people personally, its far more involving when you read about yourself in print. and you get their side of the situation, blemished and soured by their views on the same thing.

well, yeah. ok. i do remember why, but i prefer to embellish my reasonsCollapse )

about the only thing of note, was that i lived in a good year, that i wasted like so many others, in fear of my indecisions, and so much more. i was like a 20 year old bart simpson, if you took bart and put him in a family as a middle child, single mom, moving from house to unit to house, year after year in the middle echelon of sydney's elite urbanites.

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v quick update

im feeling good, i can't stop the first line of the hms pinafore ... "i am the very model of a modern major general", out of my head ...

after watching biloxi blues on late nite tv, i can't help thinking LJ's are ephemeral ... continuous recollections, edited for brevity. well they are for me. it's probably why i don't yet feel the urge to post that often. but i like to contribute to my own recollections.
also, my other personal pet peeve, i can't do small talk. i just botch up what i meant to say, say something too witty or out-of-place and offend/confuse the other person. i'll work on it.

anyway, gotta go get drunk. it's a moment of grace and reflection, off the glass rim.
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ergh. slept in today, for 14 hours. still feel like crap. feels like flu, my back is out and every time i deliriously close my eyes i see stars.

chasing amy is on tv, so there's small mercies.

had a shower to cheer up or something, but there's just another 48 hours to ride out of this damn cold/flu thingie.

well, i'm out, i'll get back to something like normal after a fashion. ciao.

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