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Introspective to toliman

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Michael Guy
28 April
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i'm michael, im 25 (edit: now 30), i live in sydney. i have lived in various places around australia, asia and america, and generally comfortable with complete strangers and friends.

i dislike instant biographies, because i don't actively promote myself, i dont feel the necessity, but i'm acutely aware of the importance of doing so. so, one day, ill find a short simple word or paragraph.

but, until that happens, i'll confirm and conform what i believe. I'm a geek, a generation X kid brought up on the 80's fascination with capitalism, marketing, technology, fantasy and a world of disinformation and parallel dualities of being. i dont know everything, but sometimes it feels that way. I'm a person who watches TV, movies and current-events newstainment, on-line and off-line, i reads books, forums and articles of science, philosophy and nature, and im generally happy with the world in all its disconnected epipheral beauty.

i have a lot of dualities, open-minded to anything, cynical about everything. amoral, and conscientious; anxious and stoic, bravely independent and patient, passionate, trusting and honest. i like to be the advocate for both cases if necessary. it might stem from my ambidextrous nature, it could just be a unique discipline i've acquired. it could just be something to annoy people, i really don't dwell on why unless theres nothing to distract me from the inquiry.

a secret ? i'm enchanted by redheads and girls with the letter A, both literal and figurative.

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