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news for the last week ... not much. new things i did include,… - Introspective to toliman
news for the last week ... not much.

new things i did include,

bummed around, watched "the cooler", last samurai, kill bill, return of the king (on DVD) and spent most of today watching The Office, Season 1 and 2. it's an absolutely depressing show in large quantities, but so apt and shameless at showing the awesome evil and soulless corruption of corporate logic and management. 40 years i guess since the development of office corporate cultures, final evolution would be to grow brains in a canopic jar with a neural interface for most office work, would become the true paperless office.

perhaps. no stationery, lots of reports and meetings still, no need for lunch or time-off, insurance, irritating personalities will still drive you mad, sexual relationships will be simulated and forgotten, retirement and hiring/firing wouldnt need to change that much, except the money will just collect somewhere else. and you could still slave tirelessly for profit, you would however be unable to spend it, so i guess a new "carrot & stick" is needed for the brain in jar crowds.

downloaded a few british (BBC TV) shows, saw a bit of wonderfalls (its now cool to hear god talk to you, joan of arcadia and wonderfalls are 2 spins on the anthropomorphic view of an existential god giving us messages for our salvation through ... models and dramatic TV) and "USA" network / channel really misses john doe/dead zone, cause you can see it's trying to pull in the "fan-of-wierd" culture, now that x-files pulled open the

its the time of year when a whole bunch of new tv shows are released for spring (US), another new buch in autumn/fall (US) to replace the shows cancelled 6 months from now. briefly, there's 3-4 new law shows (century city, the DA), no new terrorist-related intelligence shows, seems like recycling is fashionable, as is calling your TV show "The ", as in The O.C. (teen drama), The D.A.(LA law from the other side of the court, stupidly rehashing political correctness and LA morality together), The Help (florida's version of The Nanny, but theres more than two of the sparring slaves, unlikeable family, cheap thrifty comedy), a few others barely worth even remembering.

looked at mp3s again, briefly, AMIP, foobar2k, mp3ad+, GTSDll, which does ... DC++/oDC/BCDC/BitTorrent/GetRight/BSPlayer/MPClassic/ZoomPlayer/WinAmp-related pimping (shouts to everyone) in MiRC, it seems like a nice way to spend 20 minutes creating an argument about how poor your taste is.

burning DVD's. making a mess of 80 hours of CPU time, because i can't work out delineating motion and adaptive edge masking in avisynth, encoding AC3 streams for the first time, adding subtitles to homebrew DVD's , and working out the subtleties of mpeg-2 DCT matrices and how they effect changes in quantisation and visual pattern identification. i firmly believe the longer i look at iDCT, the next gen stuff will be much better.

New Video tech, things like wavelet and dynamic predictive masks, the regular Mathematical process of video encoding will change, replaced by textures overlayed on moving objects, kind of like the way south park is animated with cardboard cutout pieces, and moved around to animate the conversation or action, which MPEG-4 (XViD/DiVX) does, MPEG-7 promises to encode data with the textured objects, to create movies that also resemble extremely vivid DVD menus or a robot's Point Of View, where objects are outlined and identified separately on screen, information bubbles appearing during a scene to highlight clothing worn by actors etc.

to put this in context, when watching a live TV show in 5 years time, a football/soccer match can be rendered in pseudo-3D, players can be isolated and tracked and camera tracking/zoom/views done on the fly, so you can watch the camera follow star atheletes or referees, etc. when you see a girl wearing a shade of lipstick, a magazine/book, a couch or a suit, the manufacturer, their website and current pricing information from a selection of available delivery sites will be encoded into the broadcast stream, you can put up a selection box where the metadata is linked into your home wireless network and your set-top box Networked HDTV recorder will relay it to a 3rd party agent on your home network, i.e. a mobile phone or Desktop PC, and correlate that information back to you and then judge and display all the stores in your area that stock/deliver, the delivery times and the opening hours. it's all very close to real now with current technology, HDTV streams can contain all kinds of data, but it is IIRC currently legislated against, that only approved content can be sent out over the Digital TV airwaves.
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icq_2004 From: icq_2004 Date: April 11th, 2004 10:51 am (UTC) (Link)

blind accident


It`s Easter and I am just playing with my journal. I just wanted to meet a new person and since you like movies just like I do.. I just picked a person who is onto movies randomly.
You are from States, aren`t you? I just came back from DC 3 days ago- I absolutaly love this city- so magnificent!!
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