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i'm alive. well. and seeking an interlocutory injunction ... nah, not… - Introspective to toliman
i'm alive. well. and seeking an interlocutory injunction ... nah, not really. the alive part is apt and believable, i'll stick with alive as my general response to "how you doing" for the next few days.

nothing new, bought and setup a shuttle sn45g with spare parts, its a little beauty of a PC, which i paid far too much for a video card in respect and i broke my old networking hub which needs replacing. things change but technology always breaks when you have the least money to afford replacements.

at the minute, it's recompiling all the new and old software from my old linux system. im using it to help me study for my LPI/Linux+ exams, ive decided to certify myself, as a way to pay some bills and define my way to employment. again.

at this stage, i might even go back to uni, maybe swinbourne for some post-grad studies and work, i seem to enjoy learning and the lifestyle of being poor, it is far easier than being under the thumb or employ of others. plus my recent studies of philosophy and sociology has some intriguing aspects that actual study might help prosper ... all said, it will probaly help me get laid. which is motivation enough for anyone. might even head towards a lecture/tutor position, how hard can teaching lanky, socially gregarious 19 yr old geeks distinctly credible IT skills be ? i know it wasnt hard when i went to uni... it shouldnt have changed much. but damn, 7 years is coming soon, and ive not done a lot since highschool finished up.

i think i need the definition in my life to help me propel myself in a direction i really want to go ... rather than sitting around watching dawn/twilight tv. which will lead to an unhealthy big brother "up late" obsession like last year. so far, thats about the more credible scenario i find myself facing in my immediate future... and it doesnt worry me, like it should. my 5 year plan ... looks a lot like the current plan, keeping comfy, warm and happy in my own idle life. a distinct part of me knows that i cant keep that kind of promise, there are things that must change, and people who will change me. but right now, if my life is like a boat, my sails torn and i'd be sitting in the stern, watching my future drifting in the ocean tides. it's a peaceful way to ... die, but as a model of my immediate future, it's really quite depressing. and totally honest.

maybe i should ask someone for a tow or just get on out and paddle my way forwards... hmm
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d1sturbedtyger From: d1sturbedtyger Date: May 3rd, 2004 07:30 am (UTC) (Link)
sounds like you live a most interesting life...
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