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oddest dream tonight, i was catching up on some sleep, woke up at… - Introspective to toliman
oddest dream tonight,

i was catching up on some sleep, woke up at about 4am and sat down at my desk with some reheated food from the freezer, there's always somone up at 4am watching IRC for the latest buzz and press. 4am seems to be that perennial late hour, when the US hits its morning and the rest of the world rests.

anyway, i had a really odd dream about being situated in a nice open house, with what seems like a sloping garage entry into the house, about as wide as a double garage and huge wooden doors, the house being a two level lodge with a large rec room/kitchenette area like a lodge, couches in the middle of the room in an really odd configuration, a fireplace at the middle of the room. while im sleeping on a couch with various people sitting around, moving around, i notice i'm  under police protection, seemed like UK police now that i think about it, but at one point, the guns switched on me after finding out i had a police record.

a constable/detective pulled out a switchblade, spun it on his finger and i thought to myself, this is a switchblade, butterfly ... cock blocker, and then i forced it out of his hand while it was spinning. while staring at him coldly ...yeah, it gets odd after this.

the rest of the dream revolves about me ascending to being the king of denmark (or some unnamed european monarch) , getting dressed in odd socks, listening to two advisors discussing export controls and tariffs with the UN ambassador smiling and nodding as he's  watching me put on my socks in the couch next to me. i take notice of the headwear to keep my hair in check is crooked, and has a small icon that looks like a foresight icon, ie. crosshairs, so i take it off, to some shocks and gasps from the milling crowd of servants in the foyer below the staricase, and descend the stairs in my formal wear and step into some shoes with some nameless attendants assisting, the minister and the ambassador follow behind me.

the rest of the dream revolves around being escorted around by customs officers who are admiring the new digs and transported in a ship and later a large fleet helicoptor resting on a large bulkhead in the middle of the transport, talking to the naval officer / captain about installing a nuclear fleet warship or scouting fleet for training and evaluation, and what he seemed to think about my proposal, saying we'd be killing the fishing industry for millenia, so i relented on the line of questioning, saying there's no sustained radiation to the crew in conventional fission reactors, and that we needed to reuse the enriched uranium stockpiles we continually carry for other nations. it sort of got wierdly technical after that point.

the next part becomes airy as im being followed by houndreds of people in a procession, skipping around the streets of a fairly open mountain community while everyone's singing a song i  never heard, in a foreign language, but the words seem familiar. i enter the throne stand at attention and most of the rest becomes ceremonial, i then find myself in an old castle, spending the night in a formal 16th century bedroom, waking up to meet my new queen, whos name i never remember, esme or qromsw, something and i find myself doing tai chi in the bedroom chambers as an advisor reads my schdule of daily events. id mention i was nude while doing tai chi, but that seems to be largely incidental, im listening to this, while a small boy creeps up behind me with a scalpel, so i flip or twist my back and pick him up upside down and stare at this face... he looks familiar in my dream, but i cant see his face.

unbeknownst to me, i had this dream while about 1/2 the world was watching the royal wedding in denmark ... which is odd by itself, since i'd ususally watch such trite things for amusement and posterity, but i missed it totally.

my dream version is far more intriguing, especially the dancing around the streets in european royal  get-up, singing a strange local dirge. something like "oh and i would like to 'clean' his bedroom..."

Current Mood: crazy crazy

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